Dry ice is used in the transportation of food and other perishable goods to keep temperatures at safe levels. Dry ice is even used for non-frozen perishable goods when shipping.

Dry ice provides a cost-effective alternative in temperature cooling perishable goods as using refrigerated vehicles or containers can be expensive. Dry ice can also be used in ambient vehicle couriers to control the temperature of your goods.

When you use traditional ice cooling or wet packs, the quality of your products (for example meat and seafood) can be compromised during transportation and with delivery delays. Dry ice often mitigates these risks, allowing safe and effective transportation.

Transport & Logistics Examples

Meat & Seafood Products

Transport meat and seafood with Dry ice to mitigate risks associated with wet or ice cooling.

Non-Frozen Perishable Goods

Effective temperature control of non-frozen perishable goods to avoid spoil.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Transportation

Safely transport blood, human organs, vaccines and pharmaceuticals with Dry ice.