Mosquito Control & Trapping

Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to carbon dioxide (CO) and given that dry Ice sublimates into CO2 it makes it the perfect agent for mosquito traps. Dry ice is a greener solution than the typical chemicals used with no byproduct left to clean up afterwards.

Branding Livestock

Research suggests that freeze branding using Dry ice is more comfortable for cattle than hot iron branding. While hot iron branding makes a clean and legible scar on the surface of the hide, freeze branding destroys the pigment-producing cells in hair follicles, making them white.

School Experiments

Dry ice can be used in a range of school science projects to demonstrate its unusual behaviour. There’s a range of cool experiments that involve fog, bubbles and freezing that showcase the unusual properties of Dry ice and how it can react in various environments.

Fishing & Recreation

Use dry ice to fast-freeze your catch on your next fishing trip by placing some dry ice on the bottom of your esky under regular ice to keep your esky chilled or frozen for longer.