Dry ice is employed by medical and pharmaceutical organisations and facilities for a range of uses. High-density dry ice is used for the safe transportation and storage of blood samples, human organs and tissue, vaccines and pharmaceutical products.

With its extremely cold temperature and the benefit that dry ice does not leave behind any residue, it’s also the ideal solution for medical device equipment cleaning.

It also has a range of special applications in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Dry Ice Medical & Pharmaceutical Uses

Safe Transportation (Refrigerant)

Dry ice is a highly effective refrigerant agent and can be used to transport organs, biological samples, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Dry ice is effective in ensuring that the material being transported is kept within an appropriate temperature range.

Tissue Conservation & Storage

Dry ice has been deemed fit for purpose as a safe agent for the refrigeration and cooling of pharmaceutical and medical samples requiring storage.

Specialist Equipment Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting can safely and effectively clean both medical devices and medical manufacturing equipment. The importance of using clean medical devices goes without saying and it is also imperative that medical devices be manufactured with precision. Dry Ice Blasting cleans with precision to ensure a seamless manufacturing operation.

Wart Removal

Medical professionals can also use dry ice to freeze warts or other skin-related imperfections for removal.