10mm Dry Ice Pellets are a unique nugget-style product that measures approximately 10mm in diameter.

This non-toxic, food-grade, larger-sized pellet is an excellent choice for various applications such as special effects, transportation, cooling and shrinking. Its larger size also means that it will take longer to sublimate, making it an ideal choice for applications that require longer cooling periods.

10mm Dry Ice is widely used to create spectacular fog effects for weddings, movies, music videos, photo shoots and live performances. Our Dry Ice Fog Machines are available for hire to maximise the special effects using 10mm Dry Ice.

The transportation industry uses it to keep perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals, at a consistent and safe temperature during transport. The cooling properties of 10mm Dry Ice make it ideal for shrinking metals and other materials during fabrication.

At our facility, we have 10mm Dry Ice available for collection from Monday to Friday, with no need to place an order beforehand. Our convenient and accessible service means that customers can get the Dry Ice they need quickly and efficiently, without the need to wait for shipping.

Overall, our 10mm Dry Ice is a versatile and reliable solution for various industries, and our commitment to customer service ensures that we can provide it to our customers with ease and efficiency.

Bulk 10mm pellets are produced to order and are delivered in highly insulated Low Loss Containers to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life.

A gloved hand scooping 3mm Dry ice pellets as they are produced
Gloved hands holding dry ice pellets